About Us

Shreekrishna Pranami Sewa Samiti Nepal is a venerable religious and social non-governmental organization that has been steadfastly serving the spiritual and communal needs of the Pranami community in Nepal. Founded under the constitutional provisions of Nepal in 2023 BS, our organization has grown exponentially over the years and now stands as a central and unifying institution for the Pranami community, serving as an umbrella organization for a diverse range of Pranami groups.

Our History and Growth

Since its inception, Shreekrishna Pranami Sewa Samiti Nepal has been on a journey of expansion and outreach. Beginning in 2029, we have been tirelessly establishing our presence in various regions across Nepal. Today, we are proud to have established contact points in 44 districts, with 24 district committees functioning in accordance with the organization registration act of 2034. Within these district committees, there are 173 unit committees that play a pivotal role in our mission.

Additionally, our organization proudly counts 19 original member organizations among its affiliates, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Pranami community’s cultural and spiritual heritage. Notably, in Jhapa, we have 29 unit committees of Shreekrishna Pranami Sewa Parishad and 13 units of Shreekrishna Pranami Pratishthan, exemplifying the breadth of our reach.

Our Collaborative Endeavors

In our pursuit of holistic community development, Shreekrishna Pranami Sewa Samiti Nepal works in close partnership with several brother-sister organizations. The Shreekrishna Pranami Youth Council Nepal and Shreekrishna Pranami Baijuraj Women’s Committee Nepal are two such dynamic entities actively engaged in fostering positive change throughout the nation. In total, our network comprises 261 committees, including the Central Committee, all working tirelessly to serve the greater good.

Commitment to Excellence

As a responsible and dynamic organization, we recognize the importance of accountability. Non-functioning Sat Sang committees that have lost their relevance will undergo a process of dissolution, ensuring that our resources and efforts are channeled effectively.

At Shreekrishna Pranami Sewa Samiti Nepal, we are driven by a deep-rooted commitment to spiritual growth, community well-being, and social harmony. We invite you to join us on this meaningful journey as we strive to nurture the rich traditions and values of the Pranami community while contributing to the progress of Nepal as a whole. Together, we aspire to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.